Hug A Veteran

It’s still early on the West Coast, but my Facebook newsfeed is already full of Veterans Day thanks. While I know these are all sincere & heartfelt, I can’t add to the empty appreciation. In lieu of all my family has been through recently (and the past 20 years), I can’t help but feel that a simple “thank you” is just not enough. Our veteran’s need more than a shout out on social media. They need support from their government that they so loyally serve. They need understanding & unconditional love from their families. They need acceptance from their communities. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, they need resources to help re-assimilate into civilian life & a safe place/person to come to terms with all they have seen & done. 

Our government demands soldiers to do the unthinkable for years & years, then throws them out into an alien world with little to no thought on how they’re going to survive. That’s despicable & unforgivable. We as a nation need to stand up for our soldiers, active duty & veterans alike, just as they stand up for us-regardless of your political views. Yes, it’s a choice to serve in the military, but they do a “job” the majority of us could never dream of doing. Shouldn’t we show our thanks by helping them when & how they need it most?

That being said…I personally have no idea where to start. My veteran, my daddy, is hurting so much right now & all I can do is stand back & let him deal with his own shit alone. But he’s not alone, & I think he finally realizes that & that’s what gave him the courage to face this. Sometimes, I think, that is the most powerful thing we can do for a hurting soldier (or anyone really)….just BE there always so they know who to come to when they’re ready for help.

And let me know of other ways that you know of to help…I feel a calling coming on. 


Go hug a Veteran today y’all