Bring it 2014! (But first, can I take a nap?)

Today is the first day of a very promising new year…I woke up next to the man I never thought I’d find after having the first New Years Eve in 6+ years NOT spent in tears or a rage….and now I’m a mere 6ish hours away from holding my Baby Bee after a long 10 days!!!
I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!

Actually, I can hide it. I’m sitting on the dee-sGUSTING floor of the Las Vegas airport seriously contemplating sleeping off my hangover & ravenous hunger. Not EXACTLY a glamorous start to 2014 but….I still have hope. A very fragile & timid hope, but a hope nonetheless. I mean…shit can’t keep going the way it’s been going the past year or so can it?! I was told every storm runs out of rain, right? RIGHT?!?! *cue desperate music*

Whatever. Twenty-fourteen is gonna get owned. By me. With my tiny terror of a son on my hip and my bearded man by my side. Oh and the fat white cat swirling around my ankles, tripping me. That’s my resolution, yo! (Sorry, too much Breaking Bad lately) Actually I don’t really do resolutions because I tend to break them and then that’s just another thing to feel like a failure in. But! But, this year I’m making a few. And to hold myself accountable, I’m gonna write them here….for all to see. (And also to give this post a point) It’s YOUR responsibility to remind me of them when I start slipping. Because let’s face it, I will. In about 24 hours. So without further ado….


1. Fully commit to the gluten free bullshit. I have felt like a train wreck for weeks on end, and I know exactly why (besides the increased alcohol consumption). I will tearfully bid adieu to breads, pastas, starches, refined sugars and everything else I love. I will now morph into a bacon eating rabbit.

2. Write something every day. A blog post. A journal entry. A list. Anything goes, as long as I write it. Or type it…it IS 2014 after all.

3. Consciously be a calmer, more positive mama to Baby Bee. I have the resources. I have the support, the desire and the REASONS. It’s time to stop being a pansy and just do it already. It’s going to be hard, because I’m sure I’ll stumble on a lot of ugly truths about myself. But I’ve got every reason to do it, and none to NOT do it. Baby Bee needs a better mama. And I’m tired of yelling.

4. Start exercising regularly. Hahahahaha. Just kidding. THATS not happening.


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