This weekend we packed up C’s truck and headed to the mountains for a much needed camping trip. I grew up camping with my family and C is happiest in the woods, so we were excited to get out of the city and introduce Baby Bee to the camp life. It was three days of heaven! We were deep in the forests of the Coastal mountain range, with no cell service and the closest town an hour away. The fire ban had been lifted the day before so we had a campfire going constantly, and cooked meals on a grill. Saturday night was crystal clear so I spent hours staring at the glittering stars, sipping red wine. Saw the Milky Way and a few shooting stars. You don’t get that kinda view in the city, y’all. Sunday was drizzly and cold, what you’d expect for the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. But I still had a great day. I piled on the layers, brewed some tea and lounged around the fire. When I couldn’t feel my toes, I crawled into the tent and took a three hour nap (we all did)! Even in the gray and damp, the forest is gorgeous. The fog hangs below the evergreens, making everything seem blurry and soft. The mist brings a hush so magical and deep you feel as if you’re inside a hidden, mystical world. The smell is unreal. It smells so clean and pure…better than any incense or candle man can produce. Monday, instead of waking up to an alarm clock, I woke up to a lone coyote yipping close by. I rolled over to see C staring at the ceiling of the tent, smiling a little. I snuggled closer and fell back asleep for a bit. In that moment, I knew that THIS is what life is about.

           Being deep in nature, using only what you need to survive, and nothing else. No silly gadgets to make things faster. No fancy pillows or trinkets to make your dwelling prettier (although I’m a sucker for anything shiny or soft & cozy). Out there in the woods, you have exactly what you need to survive…shelter, warmth, food, water, a gun. Besides your family, do we really need anything else?? Yes a hot shower is amazing. And a flushable toilet is probably the best invention of the modern day. But ya know what? I survived pooping and peeing in the woods.  (Yes I POOPED without a toilet for the first time in my life! And for the record, I hated every second of it.) I went a few days without showering, brushing my hair, wearing makeup or even looking in a mirror. And it was so liberating! It solidified my longing to get a small parcel of land and be as self-sufficient as possible. To teach Baby Bee the importance of working for what you have, of treating the Earth gently. Show him the Circle of Life up-close-and-personal. Yes, I love the creature comforts of life. I have #firstworldproblems on occasion. I probably have an addiction to my phone. But I’m willing to trade that all in for a simple life that revolves around Nature and making our life the way WE want. As long as I have a way to get into town on occasion, I could honestly very easily slip into the mountain hermit life. I’d be freezing fucking cold, but with all the work I’d have to do, I’m sure I’d warm up. 

          “Civilization” isn’t civil. People are killing, stealing, assaulting every minute of every day. Moms have to steal food to feed their babies and Dads work 3 jobs to pay the bills for the house he’s never in. Men who have sworn to protect their own people are butchering them left and right. Hate rules our world…all we see is pain and anger and fear. Not in the woods. You kill only for survival, otherwise you leave every other living being alone. There is beauty in everything you see. You provide for your family, and that’s it. That’s the life I want to lead. Honest. Simple. Beautiful. Magical. 
“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein 



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