Five Project pt.2

CSC_0103I ADORE this photo I took a few weeks ago. We had had a long day at school & I promised Baby Bee a smoothie popsicle when we got home. He asked me so sweetly to sit in the kitchen with him while he ate it, so I ignored my huge list of shit to do, and sat on the kitchen floor with him. As he’s buzzing around the kitchen, chattering incessantly, I keep noticing all the crumbs and dirt that need to be cleaned up. Just as I’m about to get up and start getting to work, he slides in next to me, lays down on the not so clean floor, and rests his head on my legs. There he laid until his popsicle was finished, talking about his day & absolutely content. And there I stayed, marveling at how much he’s grown up and savoring the rare, snuggly moment. As he gets older and busier, the times he needs physical connection and reassurance lessen. Which is a blessing yes, but also can leave me feeling quite lonely. I hope he always knows that I will be his home base, his safe place, no matter how old he is.


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