Five Project pt. 3


Sometimes I forget how young my boy really is. I say, and hear “well he’s five now he should be doing/acting like _____  by now…” But if you stop to think about it, five years of life is really not a lot. The things he has accomplished and master in only five years of being on this earth is pretty extraordinary. This picture reminded me of this for some reason…I guess because of the toothpaste all around his mouth and chin and his goofy/rotten grin on his face. He is still a fledgling. He is NOT an adult and should not be expected to act like one, or do all the things that an adult can do. No he’s not a baby and is old enough for some responsibility and manners. But there is a fine line between helping him to become a functioning, independent adult and thinking of him as one already. I feel that adults are often guilty of this; not remembering how young children really are and how some of the things we demand them to do are not physically or mentally possible for them yet. We need to let them be little without “babying” them. We need to encourage imagination and play, will instilling respect and responsibility.

“Childhood is not preparation for anything.
Childhood just IS, and they only get one.
It’s up to us to protect it.
~Lester Laminck


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