Five Project pt. 4

This weekend we decided to do a quick one night camping trip at our favorite mountain top spot. Little Bee spent 24 solid hours playing in the dirt, wildlife watching, and hiking. And his mean ol’ mama even let him have a s’more! (highlight of his trip I’m sure)
I was playing around with my camera, trying to capture the golden sunlight cutting through the dense forest, when I looked down at my feet and saw the best subject I could ask for. I pointed my lens at him and called his name and this was his pose:


I laughed at his “silliness,” but then upon seeing the image, I realized this IS my boy. This is his authentic five year old self. He’s got a stubborn, challenging set to his mouth and deep, soulful eyes that are at once older than his age, and playful. He stares right back at you, not apologizing for who he is. Or for the dirt completely smeared all over his face. Because he doesn’t care. And I don’t want him to care. I want him to always be this sure of himself, and to look any person right in the eyes and say, “Yeah. This is me. I am wise and funny and smart and stubborn and I’m not ashamed.”

Be wild Little Bee. Be wild.


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